Lessons I’ve Learned In Church: You’re not hiding in the back row!
Let me first give you the low down on what led me to church. When I first started attending I walked through those doors an outright broken mess. My marriage had come to an abrupt end due to an act of domestic violence by my former spouse, my finances crashed (starting over is expensive, people!) and I’d just been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (because the only thing tough enough to kick my butt is me). The hits just kept coming! So, when I ended up in church I wasn’t just awkward…I could barely keep my head up. I was heartbroken, physically broken and just flat broke! I was like this trifecta of brokenness!

Anyhow, I thought my plan was perfect. I’d sit in a location where I could easily slip out if I felt the need to escape. I kept my head down, listened to the sermons and made my exit. This didn’t last very long.

What I didn’t realize is the back row is more like the broken row. Want to find a broken soul? Look no further than the back row, bro! Chances are you’ll find some hiding back there! Let me tell you, the whole church knows it too! I had people coming up to me grabbing me and praying over me so much I started to get really concerned. Folks telling me I had the holy ghost all over me and I’m over here like “Oh man, am I possessed or something? What vibe am I giving off that people know how broken I am?” They all had great intentions and I love ’em for trying to help, but when you’re an awkward, introverted, shy, newcomer, having someone draw attention to you like that is panic-inducing.

These days, I tend to stick to the third or fourth row. Not just because I’ve figured out the back row theory, but because as my life has improved and my faith has grown, it seemed like a natural progression to move up. We need to make room for that next group of broken, awkward Christian’s to take their seat in the back row so they too can learn the church flow.


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