Trippin’ over our own feet for Jesus

We’ll save the long diatribes for the blogs, but we wanted to be clear about what this is and isn’t with a little Q&A style explanation.

Are you making fun of Christianity?
Absolutely not! Our contributors are all believers. We’re also human, which means our walk with God hasn’t been perfect. We’re still learning and growing in our faith. Each of us has a different story about our ongoing walk with God, how we got here and how far we’ve come. You will find plenty of sarcasm and humor in our blogs, but at no point will it ever mean we’re mocking Christianity. If anything, it’s more of a self-deprecating humor; we’re making fun of our ourselves!

What is the purpose of The Awkward Christian?
The purpose is to show others that none of us are perfect Christians and sometimes things get a little awkward. We want new and longtime Christians to understand that it’s normal to feel weird and just plain awkward sometimes. Who wouldn’t be a little weirded out by someone grabbing them and speaking in tongues the first time they visited a church? You have to admit, it takes time to get used to that if you’ve never been around believers; particularly those of the Pentecostal variety! 😉 Maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve been a new Christian so you don’t recall your initial encounter, but we’d be very surprised if you never felt a little out of place or unsure of yourself in the beginning.

Our Goal
Our goal is to create an environment where we’re simply keepin’ it real. Real stories. Real moments. Real, unfiltered Christianity.

What to Expect

    • The Blog – Whether it’s awkward moments, uplifting stories or simply a message we think you need to hear, you’ll find it here.

    • The Ties that Bind – We’ll be sharing stories from across the web that show how connected we are as a community. Everyday people who are stepping up and helping each other. These won’t be strictly Christianity-based stories; we simply want to show the good in humanity. Compassion and kindness is not something Christian’s have a monopoly on, so we’re open to all positive and uplifting stories.

    • Souls On Fire – Is your soul on fire for Jesus? It didn’t just happen overnight! We’re sharing real, uncensored testimonies submitted by people from all walks of life. We want to share our stories and we’d love you to submit yours. God never intended us to keep it to ourselves! We believe our testimony is one of the most powerful tools God has given us to help others. Submit your testimony and speak life into those who need it!

    • Resources – We’re all about helping folks. This section aims to provide some suggestions for books we love, websites with great Christian content and more.